DECOS, Rolpa conducted Annual Social Audit for the FY 2074/075.

DECOS Rolpa was Conducted the LNGOS Annual Social Audit program on 17th September 2018 at District headquarter Libang rolpa. All together 67 (Female:17 Male:50) were participated form DCC, District  Health Office , District Soil conservation Office, District Forest Office , District Agriculture Office , Rolpa Municipality, all political parties, journalist  , Beneficiaries of  all running project of decos and all staff of the DECOs.

This program was chaired by Mr Karna Bahadur Batha Magar Chairperson of ECOS and Annual progress, financial report and structure of the staff, board and policies was presented by ED Mr Lok bahadur Dangi and financial progress report was presented by surj gharti magar After presentation discussed on the open floor and collected the feedback and suggestion from the beneficiaries of the relevant project and district level stakeholder. Decos chairperson respond the quires of the participant and commitment for further address the suggestion.   After conducting annual social audit organization make transparent and accountable and other participants also know the progress, financial progress, program wise achievement and sustainable and good practice hold on in the field level.

At last chef guest DCC chairperson Mr. Raj Bahadur Budha said that “Especially I want to thank to DECOS to organized annual social audit, actually this good process to make the organization accountable, responsible, transparent, this to spot to collect suggestion, feedback from the beneficiaries and stakeholder and corrected the organizational activities implementation process and coordination and collaboration. Like this all of the organization will conduct the social audit I want to will for best practice, if we collect suggestion in the open floor, get chance to correct, and able suitable program implement in the field level”