June 19, 2018

Current Programs

Current projects and programs:

S.N Name of Project Client/Funding Agency Sector/areas of project focus Project districts, R/municipalities Beneficiary number by types of beneficiaries Contract Duration (start-end, total year) Contract Value
1. SAMUNNATI PROJECT-Building climate adaptive farming opportunities and improved livelihoods for women and marginalised groups in Nepal UKAID/Practical Action Nepal Agriculture production and marketing for poverty reduction Dang district- Dangisharan and Shantinagar RM

Rolpa district- Runtigadhi, Triveni, Paribartan and Thabang RM

Rukum East district- Bhume and Putha Uttarganga RM

6000+ peoples including disabled peoples focused in woman 3 years  (January 2022 to December 2024)       135,435,820/-
2. Safer Migration (SaMi) Project Government of Nepal and the Government of Switzerland/Helvetas Nepal Improve foreign employment governance and the protection of migrants and their families. Rolpa district- Runtigadhi, Triveni, Paribartan and Rolpa Mun 9000+ labour migrant employment workers and their family members 3 Years  (November 2019 to July 2022) 35,000,000/-
3. Provincial Technical Assistance Provider (PTAP) Ministry of physical infrastructure development Lumbini province Technical Support  and assistance for trail bridge construction Lumbini province all 12 districts 20 thousands + peoples 3 years

(Jul-21 to June 2023)

4. Community Trail-bridge Support Trail bridge Support Unit (TBSU) Resulted easy access to market, school, service centers and farming activities to the rural poor people. Rolpa District all Palika 7600 + Households August 2007 to till date 1,26,00,000/-