June 19, 2018

Current Programs

Current projects and programs:

1 . Project/Program Name Micro-Enterprise Development  for Poverty Allivation (MEDPA)
Donor Karnali Province  and Province- 5
Start Date Chaitra 2075
End date Till date
Budget Awarded NRs.104321790 (Rolpa 5561434  & Rukum 4870356)
Goal and Objectives Developing local resource based entrepreneurs at community level so as to providing business skills, provide technical training based on value chain approach of local products, promote agriculture and NTFP based entrepreneurs, provide support to access financial resource for business run for the poor families
Implementing District Rolpa and Rukum-East
Specific Target Group Women and Youths of low income families including Dalit and Janajatis
No. of Beneficiaries Direct beneficiaries  New  370 (Rolpa 196 & Rukum 174) and existing 220 (Rolpa 120 & Rukum 100)  peoples
Impact of Activities Low income families of target communities have established micro-enterprises on agriculture base, forest base, product based and service based and value chain.
2.    Project/Program Name Community Trail-bridge Support
Donor Local Level Government, Trail bridge Support Unit (TBSU)/HELVETAS  Nepal
Start Date 08/01/2007
End date Till Date
Budget Awarded NRs. 20-25 Lakh Yearly /- (Only Social and Technical Mobilization cost only)
Activities Identify bridge needs, survey, design, estimate, UC formation, UC management training, supporting record management of UC, technical support on trail bridge construction, technical completion reporting of the bridges, post-completion supports
Specific target group People living in rural and remote village who are prone to river-crossing dangers
No. of beneficiaries 8600 Households
Impact of activities Since 2007, almost 100 community trail bridge projects are completed in Rolpa district. This has resulted easy access to market, school, service centers and farming activities to the rural poor people of project communities. It has increased social acceptance of DECOS among the rural villages
3.    Project/Program Name Scholarship Support to deserving (needy and genius) students
Donor Dr. Augusta Molnar and Tanka Prasad Acharya Memorial Foundation
Start Date 2008
End date Till Date
Budget Awarded NRs. 5,50,000/- per year
Activities Identification of target students, provide financial grants to the students
Specific Target Groups Poorest children of school going age
Implementing District Rolpa
No. of beneficiaries 100 students each year
Impact of activities School drop-out rate among beneficiary students compared to same kind of non beneficiary students has been reduced. Benefited students are found encouraged in their study so as their academic performance is found satisfactory
Remarks Augusta Molnar is a US citizen
4 .Project/Program Name Total WASH Program
Donor Paribartan Rural Municipality
Start Date Falgun 2075
End date Till date
Budget Awarded NRs.3294375/-
Goal and Objectives  Support to Total WASH program of GoN and Rural Municipality.
Implementing District Rolpa
Specific Target Group Total HHs of Parivartan Rural Municipality of Rolpa focused on Women and Youths of low income families including Dalit and Janajatis.
No. of Beneficiaries  4335 HHs
Impact of Activities By mobilizing 10 WASH social mobiizer conduct BCC and educational  activities in community level.
5 .Project/Program Name Safer Migration Project (SAMI)
Donor Swiss Intercooperation Nepal/ HELVETAS
Start Date 01/01/2020
End date 2022
Budget Awarded NRs.7471306/-
Goal and Objectives Migrants & families are better protected and benefit from descent work conditions abroad
Implementing District Rolpa Municiopality, Sunilsmriti Rural Municipality, Runtigadhi Rural Municipality & Paribartan Rural Municipality
Specific Target Group Total HHs of Parivartan Rural Municipality of Rolpa focused on Women and Youths of low income families including Dalit and Janajatis.
No. of Beneficiaries 3000 People
Impact of Activities Delivery 1:  Improved access to information on safe migration for potential men and women at local level.
Delivery 2: Institutionalization and strengthening of Migrant Resource Centers (MRC)
Delivery 3: Improved access to legal and justice services for distressed migrants for protecting their rights
Delivery 4: Local governments use effective mechanisms for the protection of migrants
Delivery 5: Migrants & families have increased the benefits and mitigated the social implications of migration.
Delivery 6: Families of migrants workers utilized their remittances in productive activities
Delivery 7: Migrants have increased access to technical and vocational skill enhancement training opportunities
Delivery 8: Local governments have internalized safe migration interventions in their regular planning process