June 19, 2018

Organizational VMGOs


DECOS envisions a prosperous National community where all human beings share equitably distributed resources for their social growth, economic stability and civilization.


It is to canalize the volunteers’ services in all spheres of dominated communities of the Nation for their overall development. And also, to act in bridging the development needs of poor people and development will of national and international organizations.


To attain social and Economic transformation by implementing community development projects among poor, vulnerable, marginalized, excluded and conflict-affected communities.


DECOS has set 4-sets of functional objectives in its statute as follows:

  • To help in construction of community structures like Water-supply, Irrigation, public building, road & trails, bridges, information and communication technology etc. under Infrastructure development theme.
  • To help in agricultural activities, promotion of forest based products, enterprise development, livestock development, micro-finance and other income generating activities under Livelihoods theme.
  • To help promoting alternative, renewable and biomass energy technologies, forest conservation, climate change adaptation, land reform and sustainable development activities under Environment Conservation theme.
  • To help for health, education, nutrition, food security, human rights, access to resources and individual freedom under Basic Rights theme.